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Japan's own black list database system, the "RBL.JP Project" has been formally launched and is steadily progressing. We will be distributing information by means of a mailing list. We are still accepting applications (Japanese mail form) for volunteer programmers, web designers, database engineers, people who can translate RBL.JP documents into foreign languages and those knowledgagble about relevant legal issues. These are non-paid positions. Goto here for more about the recruiting of volunteers in English.


Our domain name is "rbl.jp", NOT "gmo-rbl.jp".
Please complain to "GMO Internet Inc", the owner of "gmo-rbl.jp", if you are blocked by this.


DNS of RBL.JP has been changed. New DNS is "ns2.rbl.jp" and "ns.unixinside.com". Please change it when you specify by IP address. (19-Mar-2008)

Info about RBL.JP's services and how to use them
Here you'll find the English translation of the documents describing the various free RBLs available for use here at RBL.JP.

Application to have data removed from RBL.JP
If your server's URL/domain/IP address has accidentally been registered in one of our RBLs you can apply to have it removed here.

A SpamAssassin and ClamAV mail server example
Instructions on how to setup a FreeBSD mail server with strong protection against spam and virii using with Sendmail, SpamAssassin and ClamAV (2005-10-13)

SpamAssassin 3.0.4 fixes
Here are some fixes to bugs we found related to URI detection in Japanese mails (2005-8-11)



Third Party Relay Check (source code is here under the CVS repository)
Check to see if it is possible for a third party to send unauthorized mail from your server

IP Black List Check (numerous well-known RBLs)

URI Black List Check (numerous well-known RBLs)
Check to see if your server is on one or more several well-known RBLs including RBL.JP
Warning: the results listed on this page are not only for addresses listed in the black lists here at RBL.JP but also from numerous other unaffiliated RBLs from around the world. If you find your server address is listed in an RBL other than one of ours and you would like to have it deleted please contact the administrators of that RBL directly.

Black List Check (virus.rbl.jp, short.rbl.jp, all.rbl.jp)
Check to see if a hostname or IP address is registered in one or more of these 3 RBLs

Black List Check (url.rbl.jp, dyndns.rbl.jp, notop.rbl.jp)
Check to see if a domain name or IP address is registered in either or both of these RBLs

URL-encoded String Decoder
Decode a URL-encoded string (for example %77%77%77 -> www)

Base64 [En/De]coder
A tool written in PHP to encode to/encode from base64. You can use this to decode any spam that has its message encoded in base64.

A tool to generate distorted GIF images out of your e-mail address. This image can display your e-mail address on your website in place of using the mailto:x@x HTML tag which can be used by spambots to collect addresses. Distortion is added to make the image only readable by humans.

IP Ranger
A tool to generate a list of a range of IP addresses based on an IP and network mask. You can add "REJECT" (to use for rejecting ranges of IPs with Sendmail etc.) or "nslookup" beside the IPs. This is useful for when you want to do something to a range of IP addresses.


Hart Computer, Inc. and Volunteers.

About RBL.JP:

RBL.JP stands for Realtime Blackhole List Japan and is the domain name the server designated for this service.

RBL.JP is coordinated by Hart Computer Co. Ltd. as a volunteer group project staffed by technologists from across Japan. Our goal is to create a system that is more user friendly for Japanese than existing similar systems. Additionally we also plan to make this system such that it can be used by those outside Japan as well.

RBL.JP is a system that allows anyone, free of charge, to search for the addresses of servers known to send spam. Most Spam is usually sent by third parties from servers from which they are able to access. If we can block the mail traffic coming from these servers, we can effictively reduce the amount of spam. RBL.JP stores a great number of these addresses and respond to requests in real time. To use these functions requires only slight modifications to your server's configuration.

RBL.JP contains not only information about servers that are used by unauthorized third parties to send spam, but also servers that are known to distribute malicious spam. Use of this system allows you choose all or some of the funcitonality and thus you can determine the level of mail blocking to be used.

and more...

To server administrators: This web page / web site is for the purpose of investigating unauthorized third party relay of spam, not for the purpose of attacking your server. For an explanation of third party relay of spam, please see http://www.hart.co.jp/spam/.

Concerning use of the RBL.JP icon: You are free to use the RBL.JP icon as you like, but in order to prevent unmanagable traffic on our server, we ask that you please copy the graphic image to your server.